Well that escalated quickly…

monabonaIt’s crazy to think that this “company” is only 3 months old.

What started off as a surprise gift for my husband has quickly turned into a range of products that is in high demand from all over the country and even the world! From woman; who love beards and want to treat their men (who I affectionately refer to as their Bearded Beauties) to the actual Bearded Beauties themselves!

Someone once asked me what my business plan was and I replied “to make Joe some beard balm!”. Little did I know that my tinkering around with natural, organic ingredients one sunny winters afternoon, would have resulted in a thriving business that now consists of an entire beard grooming range for men; with more exciting products and accessories on the horizon but I am ever so extremely grateful that it did. It has been a very exciting and tremendously rewarding bearded journey and every day I get just a little more of a kick out of educating men on the importance of taking care of themselves but more importantly, the importance of treating their beards.

A special thank you to all of my loyal and supportive customers (whom without, I wouldn’t be typing this right now) who I’ve had the pleasure of talking to about your beards, treating your beards and sometimes even brushing your beards! I am very excited about the hairy future of beards in South Africa and look forward to treating each and every one of them.

More and more men are getting and staying in touch with their inner cave man, isn’t it time you did the same for your mane?

Stay tuned for more from Bonafide Beards!

MonaBona out 🙂