Bonafide Lip Balm


Say goodbye to dry, chapped, cracked and flaky lips!

Made with coconut oil, pure beeswax, tea tree oil and essential peppermint oil, Bonafide Faces Lip Balm was developed to:

  • Heal cracks and inflammation
  • Soothe and alleviate pain
  • Nourish and soften lips
  • Protect from our harsh climate
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10g jar of pure goodness!

100% natural ingredients make this product hypoallergenic and is paraben and chemical free.

Beeswax is natural anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant, meaning it can heal wounds. It also adds a protective layer on your lips that can shield them from our harsh climate.

Coconut oil is a moisturiser and nourishes your lips, making them softer and more supple.

Tea Tree and peppermint oil are natural antibacterials, meaning they can prevent and help treat infections.


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