Bonafide Rides - 740x200

On the last Sunday of the month we host a motorcycle ride. Each month is different and we never know where we will go. Below are past events that we’ve done along with some photos and videos.

Ride #2 – June 28th – #BonafideBraai At the Spaarwater Pan

A good friend of mine told me about this ‘salt flat’ area near where we live and that it would be a great place to go shoot photos some day. Well I finally went to check the area out a few weeks back and realised it would be the perfect venue for our next ride. So, I made a few arrangements, brought our butcher out, loaded up the car and next thing I know we’ve got 50 bikes out on the pan.

What a rad day this was and it’s one that I’ll never forget. You’ll see that our group is quite special and that no two bikes are alike. I dig that so much and to me that’s ok. We aren’t a group of bikers. We’re motorcycle enthusiast.