Mens Health Grooming Award Winner 2016

For the second year running, Bonafide Beards has been chosen as a winner in the South African Men’s Health, Grooming Awards. This year, their ‘Beard Brush’ won the award for ‘Best product in it’s category.’


Award Winning Beard Grooming Brush

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Bonafide Beards offers two types of wooden beard brushes; a mixed boar and synthetic bristle brush and a pure synthetic bristle version to accommodate religious and personal needs.

“We were thrilled to have been nominated and then to go on and win in our category,” says Monique Fleming, owner of Bonafide Beards. “South Africa has some wonderful companies out there, so to be chosen by our peers as the overall winner is a great achievement, not only for our unique brush but also for us as a brand.”

Beard brushes are used to help tame your beard as well as keep your skin healthy.

“The bristles are firm enough to brush through any knots without breaking your hair, eliminating damaged, scraggly, coarse hair but are also soft enough to stimulate blood flow and exfoliate the skin underneath your beard that is being neglected, without causing irritation,” says Monique, “this aids in stimulating hair growth plus removes dead skin cells and significantly reduces itchy, dry flakey skin.”

Every year, Men’s Health runs a survey where they invite their readers to vote for their favourite grooming products. “A panel of industry experts, together with the Men’s Health editors, also cast their votes,” says Azeez Jacobs, Fashion and Grooming Editor, Men’s Health. “We are pleased to inform you that your product was chosen as the best in its category.”

In 2015, Bonafide Beards received its first Men’s Health Grooming award for best in it’s category for their ‘Beard Oil.’ Beard oil is an essential part to male grooming, especially for men with beards as it helps moisturise and condition both your skin and beard while restoring your beard’s natural oils.

To find out more about other beard grooming products from Bonafide Beards, go to Free shipping is offered to customers within South Africa when they spend over R225 on online orders.

Bonafide Beards started in September 2014 and has their own barber shop, Bonafide Barbers, located at 66 6th Street in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. Their products can also be found at various retailers throughout the country. Bonafide Beards is proudly South African and uses only natural ingredients in it’s handmade products.