It’s time to get your Stache on!

Some say Moustache, others say Mustache and then there are those that just simply refer to their hairy face caterpillar as “stache”.

What ever you call it and how ever you spell it, one thing is for sure, we have the only product designed to love it the way you do!

YES, you read that right, Bonafide Beards Mustache wax is here! I am happy to announce that we have finally added (after hundreds of requests – some by just one person (you know who you are Evan :D)) a ‘Must-Stache Wax’ to our line up of South Africa’s finest beard grooming range.

Mustache Wax

Although we naturally assume that you have a gorgeous mane adorning your handsome face the other 335 days of the year, Bonafide Beards have very purposefully launched our very own Mustache wax to coincide with the beginning of Movember and Noshavember. Not only is it a very popular time of the year to grow some extra facial hair but it is a very significant time to create awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and other male cancers through associated charities. So, if you are one of those guys who wants to get your “Bro Mo” on for Movember, Bonafide Beards is here to help you achieve the ultimate look and hold your “Upper Liphosltery”  in place with our brand new, handcrafted Mustache Wax.

Bonafide Beards Mustache Wax is all natural and as all of our very satisfied clients have come to expect – it is made with only the finest ingredients mother nature has to offer, like bees wax, vegetable wax and coconut oil plus a whole lot more of my love.

Mustache Wax

So now there are no more excuses – grow that majestic Soup Strainer, Snot Mop, Cookie Duster, Handlebar Mustache today!!