The Butcher – Bonafide Beard Oil


Tired of your dry scraggly beard?

Look no further than The Butcher Beard Oil

(Formally known as “Spicy Citrus”)


Made with organic hemp oil, enhanced with pure argan oil and laced with scents of lavender, rose geranium and subtle hints of citrus, it has been especially designed to:


  • Deeply penetrate hair follicles
  • Moisturise and condition both your skin and beard
  • Restore your beard’s natural oils 
  • Prevent hair breakage while promoting growth
  • Be used as a pre and post shaving oil


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30ml of real goodness!

100% natural oils makes this product hypoallergenic and the perfect moisturiser to use on both your beard and skin and is chemical and paraben free.

Being pure carrier oils, the (THC free) hemp oil and argan oil are of such a nature that they are naturally designed to be absorbed by your hair and skin without leaving an oily residue on your face or your favourite scarf.

They penetrate the hair shaft and become a good source of nutrients that benefit the health and strength of your hair as well as moisturise your skin, leaving it it soft, supple and healthy.

Before shaving, apply the oil to the areas you tidy up with a razor, to alleviate skin irritations and shavers rash. After shaving apply the oil to the areas you have shaved, as a “post shave oil”, rather than applying an aftershave that contains alcohol which dries out your skin.

The oil is subtly fragranced with scents of lavender, rose geranium and subtle hints of citrus essential oils, that will not overpower your natural scent but leaves you with a “spicy floral” smelling beard

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10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml


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