Hemp & Citrus Cleansing Bar


Gone are the days of using generic shampoos to wash your beard – it’s time you add a Cleansing Bar to your beard grooming regime.

BBBRR Cleansing Bar is made with pure coconut oil, clay, hemp oil plus essential orange oil and was especially developed to:

  • Cleanse your beard and skin without stripping them of their natural oils
  • Moisturise your hair and skin
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100% pure soap, made from natural ingredients makes this product hypoallergenic to use on both your beard and skin and is chemical and paraben free.

Coconut and Hemp oil nourish and moisturise your skin and beard making them softer, healthier and alleviates itchiness.

Clay cleanses, nourishes and soothes, as well as absorbs excess oil from your skin and hair without drying them out.

Essential oils stimulate and uplift your body and mind.

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